Virus Removal

Virus removal is a key part of ensuring that you can continue to carry out work or leisure on your computer without the risk of security breaches, and in a timely and efficient manner.

If your PC is behaving strangely and showing any of the following symptoms, then you may be subject to a virus infection:Computer Virus Removal Whaley Bridge Computer Shop

  • Computer running slow
  • Can’t get onto the internet
  • Pop up windows
  • Hardware acting of its own accord (i.e. CD drives opening without prompting)
  • Slow startup
  • Regular crashing
  • Missing files / files seem to have moved
  • Extra files / files with strange names
  • Unusual error messages
  • Anti-virus software on your PC ( that you have not installed) telling you that your PC is infected

At Trusted IT’s Whaley Bridge computer shop, we have a team of virus removal experts, including individuals with years of experience in dealing with trojans, worms, phishing scams and email viruses. We are specialists at identifying, quarantining and destroying computer viruses, as well as applying pro-active protection methods to try and limit the possibility of any future infections.

Don’t take any chances with your online security, give us a call today on 01663 732 775.

Virus Removal – Whaley Bridge Computer Shop

We offer virus removal services to individuals and businesses in Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Hayfield, Buxworth, Chinley, Furness Vale, New Mills. Marple, Macclesfield, Stockport, High Lane, Hazel Grove and a range of other towns and villages in and around the High Peak.